EURACTIV Intelligence was created to build bridges between people, organisations and European governments.
EURACTIV and Policy-Insider.AI teamed up to answer the need for a tool for policymakers that is affordable, accessible and comprehensive.

EURACTIV is an independent pan-European media network specialised in EU affairs, established in 1999. We spark and nourish policy debates among stakeholders, including government, business and civil society.
We cover policy processes upstream of decisions, summarising the issues without taking sides. We are pro-European, independent, transparent, multilingual and efficient. By combining expert EU policy analysis across 8 thematic hubs, and impactful reach amongst an influential audience, we hold a unique position in the European media landscape.


Policy-Insider.AI is a European start-up setup in 2019 to radically change public policy monitoring. By using big data environments and latest AI natural language processing technologies, policy-insider.ai enables the user to access public policy documents and political profiles from a wide and growing range of institutions across Europe in real-time. In combination with the included social media monitoring, policy-insider.ai allows deep-dives into complicated policy developments as well as quick snapshots of new European policy trends.

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