Get started

EURACTIV Intelligence brings you in-depth tracking on the topics that are relevant to you. Our service tracks thousands of relevant policy documents, provides you with databases of prominent policy makers, social media analysis – all combined with EURACTIV news in real-time. To harness the full power of our policy platform, get started with these tips & tricks:

1. Customise your personal dashboard

Match your dashboard to your interests: filter the day’s top news and policy documents by policy area. Save your preferred policy area, and you’ll get to see your relevant news each day.

2. Optimise your search filters

Enter multiple keywords to refine your search and learn from the suggested searches. You can use the translations of your keywords and even adapt them by clicking on „Check translation details” or the language icon next to the keyword.

3. Use our smart AI to find relevant documents

Sort the documents with our filters created by public affairs experts. Filter by date for a chronological documents overview, by focus to sort by the importance of your keyword in a document, or by relevance for a combination of factors including impact in the political process, actuality and keyword specificity.

4. Use our documents for your internal purposes

Use our policy wording trained AI translator to read the documents in your language of choice. Then, easily download and export them.

5. Find influential thought leaders

Use our dedicated search in the profile explorer tab and look for policy makers by name, organization, role, political party, country or even social media nicknames. Combine their profile with a keyword search to see the impact they have. Find out who’s working with who through our connected policy makers feature.

6. Set up alerts to stay up to date

Have you set your alerts? This is the easiest way to receive updates when you’re away from the platform. Choose where and when to receive them via email, or integrate them into your company Slack and Microsoft Teams channels.